Baby learning: Toddler games for 1 2 3 4 year olds App Reviews

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Fun, cute, and educational!

This app is perfect for 2-5 year olds! My 2 year old brother loves the games that are simple and help toddlers to learn important skills and get ahead of all of the other kids their age in the learning process.

Kids Game

My 3 year old grand daughter really enjoyed playing all of the games. I felt they were age appropriate and challenging in a variety of areas for her age.

Amazing educational app!

Absolutely one of the best games I've found for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter!! While traveling in car or when I need her occupied for a bit- she picks up on learning to do each game ALL ON HER OWN!!

Very educational

Great, fun, and educational app for little kids to learn coordination and more. This is for kids who go to kindergarten and are preschoolers.

Really good

My baby girl really enjoy playing this educational games and it really helps her to prepare for her next year preschool.

Love it

My 3 year old grandson loves this game, it keeps him busy while learning at the same time. Happy grandma

My children love this game

At first glance the design of this little game app is not the most attractive. It is colorful and well developed to keep them engaged most of all learning.

Great for my kid!!!

I give this a five star rating because my brothers love it and is a great way to keep them engaged in learning.

Awesome Sauce!!!

This app is not only wonderful, it's so educational. My grandson loves it and he's so excited when they say great job or fantastic. It keeps him learning while enjoying it. Thanks!

Great learning tool

My son wasn't learning from me so I went to outside help. He instantly loved this app and within a couple weeks he learned what I had been trying to teach him for a month

My 4 year old granddaughter loves this

She is a bit difficult to focus, but when she hears the open music, she stops, squeals with excite and we can learn the rest of the day.

Love it

My nieces and nephews fight over these games. I'm happy they teach them colors shapes and other matching skills.


Great my little ones love it

Got to start some where.

Great for introducing toddlers to learning

Not bad at all

Does what it says

Great app

My kids love Abby the monkey.

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